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Brochure and Handout Gallery

Brochures and hand-outs share many aspects with other effective marketing design pieces. They’re similar to flyers in that they are left behind to catch viewers’ eyes. They’re like sales sheets in their capacity to convey a lot of detailed information and a clear call-to-action. They can act like hand-held posters or oversized business cards in their eye-catching simplicity. Since they’re sturdy and cheap to produce, they should be part of any smart marketer’s tool kit.


Beyond the obvious production considerations, brochures require unique design planning when it comes to where and how they will be displayed. If handled correctly, brochures can be a very power vehicle for your offerings and for awareness of your company.


The main differentiator between handouts and flyers is that handouts are frequently handed directly to a prospective customer. However, in cases when they aren’t, they still need to stand on their own.

Let CMD design your brochures and handouts so they can do the job they were intended to do: to convert customers from “prospective” to “paying”. 

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