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UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Creative Director

UI, Print, Digital, and Web

UI Designer
Graphic Designer
Art Director

UI, Print, Digital, and Web

UI Design Showcase

Business or music event live stage streaming app

White-label; tiered and monetizable sponsor and exhibitor listings; 1-on-1 video chat with exhibitors; custom chat; live presentation; event and personal scheduling; robust event assistance.

OTT "channel" content delivery app

White-label "channel" for distribution of live and pre-recorded content; robust program listing; management of limited and PPV content; custom ad-targeting and product sales; custom chat.

Live collegiate sports streaming and student engagement app

More than clear streaming of live and pre-recorded collegiate sports. Keep college rivalry going and engage students, faculty, staff, students, and alumni beyond every UCAA sport by competing in categories like sales, charity, participation, gaming, and more.

Retirement home facility and healthcare management app

Manage retirement by having personal, medical, task, and incident information at caregivers' fingertip. Communicate with the facility, employees, and members of patients' family circles with a click. Family can share media, video chat, and play games online.

Appointment setting and management app

For users and businesses. Set, accept, forward, modify, and map appointments. Usable by any industry. Featuring targeting of service providers by pre-selecting preferences when you set the appointment.

Book-to-app case study

For this unique appr project it was important that a UX/UI design project’s scope, its core mission, and its complete set of moving parts is fully understood by all parties prior to proceeding.

Design Services

Design Experience


UI, print, digital, and web


Creative art direction


Healthcare industry experience


Full print, digital, and web graphical support


Designed, developed, and maintained


Nationwide branded/rebranded