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Hi there! I’m Thomas McAuley

UX/UI Designer.
Creative Director.
Graphic Design.

Overflowing with experience and mad motivated.

Hero Image: Thomas McAuley in abstract setting
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Click the blurb images below to view projects in my evolving portfolio, showcasing UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, and Creative Direction. And check back often. I’m adding case studies, design galleries, and thoughts about from my own unique perspective spanning more than two decades in the trenches!

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Desktop and Mobile Apps

Feature Pic: The Harris Center website redesign and mobile app

Harris Center App & Site

3rd Largest Healthcare Provider in Texas

Feature Pic: Mixabl app

Mixabl App

Event Streaming and more during COVID-19

Feature Pic: Brenda app

Brenda App

Appointment handling for all!

Feature Pic: Waltr app

Waltr App

Staying connected during COVID-19

Feature picture: Rivl school engagement app during COVID-19 restrictions

Rivl App

School engagement during COVID-19 restrictions
Feature picture: Yoga Notes app based on the popular Yoga title

Yoga Notes App

The app-izing of a popular Yoga book

Feature picture: ICTV broadcast app

ICTV Broadcast App

It’s OUR Turn


Corporate identity, print and digital collateral, indoor and outdoor signage, trade show booth and merch design, vehicle wraps. These projects gave me a wide range of products to design and had me grabbing more than UX/UI Design out of my deep design toolbox.

Feature picture: TwelveStone Health

TwelveStone Health

Packaging meds for convenience

Feature picture: Bexar County's "Your County. Be Counted." campaign

Bexar County (TX)

Making voters aware of key voting changes
Feature picture: Montana Air National Guard (MTANG) social media campaign

Montana Air National Guard (MTANG)

Getting out the word to serve
Feature picture: YMCA of Greater San Antonio

YMCA of Greater San Antonio

Celebrating 150 Years San Antonio

Secure / NDA

I am cleared for secure work till the next decade. Some work I can mention in vague terms: others never happened. But I know the ins and outs of UX/UI Design for these kinds of massive projects. 

Feature pic: U.S.A.F.

Secure: USAF

United States Air Force
Feature pic: Bethesda

Bethesda Software

I Leveled Up
Feature pic: NGA


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency


It was an unconventional way to get to app UX/UI Design, but I’ve designed 200+ sites of nearly every size and about every industry, including military, federal, B2B, and commercial.

Feature picture: Delicious Tamales (website)

Delicious Tamales Website

San Antonio-based tamale makers e-commerce
Feature picture: HUD Housing and Urban Development

HUD Certification Website

Guiding users through important certifications