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Graphic Designers in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for Graphic Designers in San Antonio?

Your search for “Graphic Designers in San Antonio” should start here, with me, Thomas McAuley, your graphic design and advertising/marketing partner.

With years of experience translating complex ideas in to easy-to-understand, eye-catching, and appropriate products, both as the lead designer and behind the wheel as art director, communicating with C-Level contacts and multi-functional team members alike, I am a valuable addition to your marketing strategy implementation.

I do it all.

Corporate Branding & Corporate Identity, Website Design & SEO, UX/UI Design & Prototyping, Print & Digital Graphic Design, Social Media Design. PLUS, as an art director, I am positioned to be just the right art director to help your organization get project goals defined and produced, on time and on budget.

Graphic design for the healthcare industry

With our enormous medical center in our northwest and with multiple military installations in and around our periphery, San Antonio is one of the most important healthcare hubs in the nation.

That fact dovetails well with my own graphic design experience. If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll see that my graphic design portfolios are overwhelmingly filled with examples from the healthcare industry or peripheral to it. Since 2012, I have been working as a plugin graphic design company for marketing company, Punching Nun Group, adding full graphical support to their long list of marketing-related services they provide to multiple healthcare companies across the country. During this long partnership, I have become something of a corporate identity design expert, doggedly defending brand at every step of the design process. You could do worse than rely on me for healthcare-centric design.

If you don’t see it? Ask.

I invite you to look through my many work portfolios below. If you don’t see the type of work you’re looking for, don’t doubt: it’s very likely I do that too and have not gotten to creating a unique portfolio page for it.


Graphic Design Portfolio & Services

Stationery Set Design: Odyssey Design Studios

Digital Design
and Video Production

Website Design: Venture Founders

Website Design,

White Paper Design: Chess Health

Corporate Identity,
Branding, and Rebranding

Infographics Design: Updox

Print Collateral
Graphic Design



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