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Transforming User Experiences with Meticulous UI Design

Thomas McAuley

UX/UI Designer

Are you seeking a dedicated and passionate UI designer who brings a fresh perspective to every project?

Look no further!

I am an experienced graphic designer—web, apps, games, print, digital, social media—who has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of UI design, leveraging my eye for aesthetics and keen attention to detail to create remarkable user experiences.

UX/UI Case Studies

Featured Image: Mobile application


  • Largest behavioral health organization in Texas
  • Website and mobile app developed simultaneously
  • Drupal environment (website)


  • All website and mobile app UX/UI design
  • Co-developed in small team

TIMELINE: 1 year (Ongoing)

Featured Image: Mixabl virtual event app shown on a laptop


  • Virtual comprehensive trade show experience
  • COVID-19 gap product
  • Bilingual (French/English) versions
  • Customizable for music and other live events

ROLE: Sole designer across desktop, tablet, and mobile versions
TIMELINE: 1 year

Featured Image: Brenda app splash and three user entry point home screens overlaid


  • Customers path for finding and setting appointments
  • Stylist path for tracking and managing appointments
  • Dispatchers for accepting and distributing appointments
  • Animated splash screen

ROLE: Sole UX/UI designer

TIMELINE: 6 months

Can’t Show / Limited in How Much I Can Discuss

Featured Image: Blurred image of a formation of aircraft in flight with the USAF logo superimposed
  • BRIEF: Secure UI assessments and redesign
  • ROLE: Sole UI designer
  • TIMELINE: 6 months
Featured Image: Blurred image of government buildings from high altitude with the NGA logo superimposed
  • BRIEF: Developed UI for a suite of internal applications
  • ROLE: Sole UX/UI designer
  • Timeline: 1 year
Featured Image: Blurred image of an unspecified Bethesda game title
  • BRIEF: Developed UI for ported game
  • ROLE: One of three UX/UI designers
  • Timeline: 3 months