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Postcards and Flyers
Postcard, Flyer, and Card Design Gallery

Postcards and flyers differ from other types of advertisement in that they often will be viewed “cold”, meaning they won’t be handed directly to a prospective client—besides band promotion and protests —but be viewed without introduction or context. So these special designed pieces can be more of a marketing challenge than most other types of advertisement. The designer must communicate a clear, engaging message that resonates with its targeted demographic before the viewer instinctively flicks it into the trash.


Yes, postcards are still useful, effective marketing pieces. Admittedly, it’s a numbers game, but it’s an arguably good investment because you know that your advertisement will be in the literal hands of your prospective customer. And since postcards are cheap to produce and mail, they start to look like a very attractive marketing option. 


Like postcards, flyers are a numbers game. They can be sent but are more commonly placed strategically where the highest number of eyes from your target demographic are ensured. However, marketing using flyers presents two additional challenges postcards don’t present:

  • You’re competing against any other flyers in the area rather than against the other pieces of mail as postcards do. So there are potentially more competitors; and,
  • Since you’re competing for viewer’s eyes, you’re design for viewer attention. But this must be achieved tastefully. The temptation may be to go bold and garish, but doing always compromises corporate identity. It’s like wrapping the organization in a skimpy club dress: it’s not the type of attention they need. Use of white space and simple messaging does a better job, if only by standing out from the other bad designs near it.

Event/Holiday Card Design

Cards are similar to brochures and flyers, but the feelings around them are usually friendlier. They’re less “marketing”—at least at first glance. It’s important not to get lulled into thinking card design is a complete design reprieve. Though it may seem like it in this case, there’s always a marketing angle to any design, and cards are no exception. The only meaningful difference between brochures, flyers, and other print advertising and cards is that the former are overt and are intended to build sales, while the latter are subtle and intended to build good feelings…which, like it or not, is aimed ultimately at building sales, even if only in part. At the very least, cards are a method of communication that touches the soft underbelly of business. If only out of sensitivity to this vulnerable position, the tone and message of a card design should be taken as seriously as any other design project.

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