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Data Visualization

Data Visualization Examples

App api

Below is an example of the creation and revision of an AI-assisted ad placement app featuring an animated data visualization of live analytics.


When we integrated ad placement into a live event streaming OTT app I designed, we decided to leverage AI which would would sniff the chat stream for indicators of the best times to place advertisements. Advertisers would choose ad duration with a slider and click demographic categories. Those parameters together would result in an ad cost expressed in in-app currency. 

Based on surveyed and observed user feedback, I modified the API button’s appearance and placement to better distinguish it from the chat button. I optimized the layout of the open panel, allowing for more demographic categories and the addition of an ad carousel for advertisers managing multiple ad campaigns. Last, I added a live analytics animation which tracked user views, clicks, and conversion rate. 

This click-thru also shows an animated advertisement and its slide-out tray, offering users deals or advertiser-branded merchandise. 

Complex processes

Below is a visualization used to simplify the concept of a client’s healthcare data science offerings. It illustrates the varied nature of raw data, its preparation of analysis, analytic insights, and its being served up in a visual, understandable presentation.

Graphical Elements: WPC Healthcare

Visualizations to fit the data

Below are further examples of data visualization for very different cases.



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