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Case Study: Creative Direction: TwelveStone Health

Case Study: Creative Direction: TwelveStone Health


TwelveStone Health began as a humble startup with an inconsistent brand identity, an outdated website, and little digital marketing presence. As the client was essentially a solo founder with a small team, they lacked even a company name when they approached us.

The Need

Our client required a complete transformation into a well-established company, starting with a new company name and a corporate identity that signified growth, regardless of their current size.

The Proposal

Our first step was brainstorming a suitable company name. Drawing inspiration from the founder’s Christian values, we identified a favorite biblical verse that led to the creation of “White Stone Health.” We then crafted the logo, designed essential print collateral, and developed a fully responsive website with compelling copy. Experience design played a crucial role in this process. Following this, we meticulously planned and implemented a multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

The Outcome

Throughout our partnership with TwelveStone, we consistently met and exceeded the client’s expectations. White Stone Health has continued to thrive, building upon the foundation we established at the outset. This strong foundation has demonstrated that strategic planning for future growth is a valuable and enduring investment.

Lessons Learned

Our upfront research and planning for TwelveStone Health proved to be invaluable. Regardless of the company’s rapid expansion into new territories, our corporate identity and design remained adaptable. One challenge we encountered was that the branding, while reflecting the gentle sentiment of the biblical verse it was inspired by, required adjustments in terms of color and saturation to accommodate various applications as the company grew.



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