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Environmental Design encompasses any design that connects people to places, including everything from graphic design to architecture to landscape. However, at Company Man Design, we’re concerned with the graphical side of things, such as interior and exterior signage and signage systems, to design and art intended to both decorate and impart information in an organization’s place of business.

Signage and Signage Systems

Signage and signage systems may seem like a simple affair. But because much of it works well in our lives, we may find that we take it all for granted. But undertaking signage is not only expensive from a production standpoint but it is also surprisingly complex—external, internal, directional, fixed, moveable, static, changeable, print, digital, fabricated, etc. Then one must consider the specifics of human interaction—viewer distance, time exposed, language, symbology. Then there is corporate identity. And more. Let CMD guide you through this complex landscape.

Wall Art

Businesses have the option of designing their interior and exterior wall space to include anything from fine art to informative posters to inspirational quotes and more. Let CMD help you get the most out of the spaces around you whether you’re wanting a calm, inspirational, informative, or mixed work environment.


Tennessee-based TwelveStone Health Partners‘ needed exterior signage, digital signage for their infusion suites, and decorative and informative wall art to fill out their Murfreesboro and Chattanooga locations’ interior spaces. We provided them a cohesive set of signage and artwork that maintained the strong corporate identity we had helped create for them in 2015. We are proud to continue to work with them regularly today.

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TwelveStone Health Partners Wall Art Gallery