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Thomas McAuley

UI Designer, Visual Designer, Graphic Designer

What does one label themself when professional titles these days have such fuzzy boundaries. Am have always been a graphic designer, whether I designed a logo or a website or a user interface. Now, however, I guess I am a visual designer who in recent times has primarily worked on user interfaces for responsive app across mobile, tablet, desktop, and SmartTV/OTT channels. I guess that makes me a UI Designer who also does every other category of design: UI, print, digital, and web.


Why I’m a good fit for your organization


Bottom line is, from the day we start working together, I’m looking out for you as if we were long separated business partners, pointing out potential marketing opportunities and pitfalls; protecting your brand and its presentation; and doing everything I can to work smart on your behalf.

Services offered

I offer a wide range of UI design and other design services with portfolios to prove it. Everything from UI design, website design, SEO, corporate identity, branding, and every other type of digital and print graphic design you can image. If you DON’T see service you need, contact me because I do that, too.


A positive, can-do attitude makes for a better working relationship and that in turn makes for better outcomes. I work with you it identifying and project refining goals. I identify pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to latch onto. I communicate progress throughout the process. And I help you through it all, knowing you’re not the design pro.

How I Approach Design

I translate complex requirements and directions into EYE-CATCHING and APPROPRIATE , HUMAN-CENTERED designs that begin with RESEARCH and result in highly USER-FREINDLY products.

I create custom DESIGN SYSTEMS and CORPORATE IDENTITIES. And I maintain, protect, and HONOR your corporate brand across all channels and outlets—print, digital, web, and applications.

In addition to UI Design, I bring a wealth of EXPERIENCE in providing a wide range ofDESIGN SERVICES, including print, digital, and web, so no matter what needs arise, I’ve got you covered.


I gave Thomas very loose parameters for my company brand, business cards, and corporate website, then let him go. He produced something better than what I’d imagined.
Brian AllenPrimary, Odyssey Design Studios, LLC
Thomas exceeded expectations with our logo design and website. He kept me informed each step, making sure I was satisfied. He made it easy and stress-free.
Chasity NelsonPrime Bodywork Massage
Thomas and his team are the epitome of professionalism. They completed my website clean-up with awesome execution. And they never pressured me to build a whole new site. So happy I found them.
Chloe ReedPrimary, Glam Nailz
Founders of new companies need partners, not suppliers. My experience with Thomas was such a partnership, throwing himself into the project as if it were his own.
Will KeyserFounder, Venture Founders, LLC
Thomas did a wonderful job designing my corporate logo. I’ll definitely recommend him to my friends and associates.
Yamel GonzalesPrimary, SetPoint Refrigerations LLC
My experience with Thomas was smooth. I provided basic info about us and our services and he produced a full multi-company website and corporate logos for all of our entities. We’re impressed and proud.
Keith SampleThe Greenbox / Alamo City Services

My Professional Promise


Protect your
corporate identity

Communicate clearly
and proactivelyWork smart
& efficientlyDesign appropriately
to the taskListen attentively
and activelyProvide real,
relevant value

My Design Belief

Ego does not factor into good design. It is judged by two simultaneous measurements: how clear and intuitive its use balanced with the effectiveness of its delivery of your corporate image and marketing message. All the flash and fleeting social fads guarantee neither of these goals.

My Specialties / Differentiators

8+ years of healthcare industry experience

My many design portfolios are filled to overflowing with examples of work for healthcare and healthcare-peripheral clients. While I have extensive experience in healthcare, I have many years of experience with about every other industry, as well as about every type of client and project.Still, if you ARE in healthcare or peripheral to it, let’s make beautiful work together, from branding, to collateral, to your corporate website, to trade show displays and other graphic support, everything else.

Yep. I’m Healthcare.

10+ years rescuing bad designs and bad design experiences

You don’t have to look hard to find examples of bad graphic design. As a graphic designer, I see every day. I fix bad design all the time. No matter the reason, it’s not a problem. Contact me and I’ll fix it like it never happened.

Too often, a client contacts me, their voice conveying their hesitancy and caution, having paid in full or in advance for a bad design. Whoever they’ve worked with has abandoned them, cheated them, and/or they can’t or won’t make very necessary changes or corrections.

I’m saddened but still proud to have become expert at facelifting aged designs, bringing consistency to hodge-podge designs, etc. Afterwards, my goal is to leave you with an experience equally as good or better than the experience that brought you to me was bad.If this is you. I’m sorry. Let’s talk it through then get started or re-started in the right direction.



Deciding on “Company Man Design”

“Design” was a given. From a simply marketing or SEO standpoint, it would have been sacrilege not to have included it. There may have been a decision between simply “Design” or “Design Company” or “Design Studios” but this wasn’t the time to decide.

First, I surveyed the work I’d produced

I had produced a lot of work since my graphic design career had begun. I already had impressive portfolios by this time including tons of corporate brandingtrade show designwebsite design, and many examples of other subsets of graphic design. I had experience working with many industries, especially with healthcare and healthcare-peripheral startup companies.

The unifying quality of the vast majority of my work was that it was for big or established companies or it was for new optimistic businesses, usually with a lot of starting capital behind them. Far less of my work  had been for small businesses, though there had been a lot of that too. But standing back, what rose up was I did work for companies.

Next, I surveyed my personal work behaviors and values

Knowing that “Company Design” lacked specificity and flair, I sought to identify qualities that differentiated me and my work from others in my field. There was honesty, loyalty, fairness, a strong work ethic, providing value, and proactive communication. But that was the minimum price to pay to play the design game, in my opinion.

No, what made me unique in the field of design was my ethic of working for each client in the way I would if the company were my own. It was the case then and remains so today.

I recalled the term “Company Man” from movies and what I’d learned about labor and strikes in the early 20th century. While company man has negative connotations — an employee whose allegiance to his employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers — it was just too good of a name and I just kept coming back to it.  

Company Man Design was born

It did sum up my devotion to my clients’ work, and if anyone failed to see the humor in it, I probably wouldn’t be getting a call from them. And, thinking about it, I probably wouldn’t be a good fit for someone who thought that way, anyway. The rest is, as they say, history.

About the Name, “Company Man Design”

Professional Experience


UI, print, digital, and web


Creative art direction


Healthcare industry experience


Nationwide branded/rebranded


Designed, developed, and maintained


Full print, digital, and web graphical support


Graphic Design and Advertising at O’More College of Design (Franklin, TN)